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Brilliant Labs Speaker Series


Clayton Maitland, founder and the first principal of the only 100% outdoor public school in Canada and is an educator in 'place-conscious' and ecological practices.

A Natural MakerSpace is

Students who learn in Natural MakerSpaces have no walls and  often no predetermined classroom area (although some schools do have outdoor classrooms). The time spent in nature is bringing an emotional connection to the land that is essential to develop a deep appreciation and the empathy needed to inspire ecological and social actions. Authentic Natural Makerspaces not only gives the opportunity to learn in nature but also from nature.


Help us promote climate action and innovative methods of communication while sharing a message of love for our natural surroundings on social media. #EXPRESSYOURCLIMATE How could you convey this important message through art? Make a choreography, a piece of art or write a song or poem to inspire connection to nature. Share your favorite natural space with the world through social media. Share your work by identifying #EXPRESSYOURCLIMATE contest and get inspired by other youth initiatives. It only takes one person to inspire a group. Are you that agent of change? SHARE YOUR VIDEO, MAR.31-MAY.12, OF ART EXPRESSING THE NEED FOR A HEALTHY WORLD.


Tools, Technology & Resources

Teachers, students and families can find tools, materials and resources in their own backyard.  Nature provides most of everything you will need for your Natural Maker project.  We're here to help you with a few ideas, tips, technology and the educational resources to help create an immersive learning environment. 

Click & Explore These Natural MakerSpace Learning Tools & Resources

Season Themes

Spring! Let's be inspired by: Pollinators, gardens, greenhouses, bird nests & feeders. 

Summer! Let's be inspired by: Herbs & plants, conifers & their cones.

Fall! Let's be inspired by: Mushrooms, leaves & branches.

Material of the season is SNOW!

What if we could see snow as a strong and durable winter material? What would you build from it? Here is a fun learning project you can do with your students.

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Brilliant Labs 


Vol.3 Issue 1

Natural Potential 

by Michelle Thibault & Kathleen Rice

pg. 38

An inspiring visit to Maple Ridge Environmental School in British Columbia teaches us how learning outside connects youth with curriculum, mindfulness and nature. 

Vol.4 Issue 2

Creative Learning In Nature

by Kathleen Rice

pg. 60

There is a growing interest in teaching in nature especially as the start of the 2020 school year was filled with changes to school logistics, classroom structures, and safety measures. With this, comes the re-birth and an openness to exploring ideas and innovation in pedagogical practices. 

Vol.4 Issue 2

Be A Natural Maker in 5 Steps!

by Michelle Thibault 

pg. 68

Five practical tips that we hope will help you find pleasure and comfort in your outdoors learning initiatives with your students. Inspired by several great nature educators and our own experiences. 

Let's Connect!

We're here to support you and your outdoor learning goals.  Let's connect and discuss your project idea, what you need to get started or how we can connect you with more training opportunities.

Michelle Thibault 

Natural MakerSpace Program Specialist 



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