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Brilliant Labs is a not-for-profit, hands-on technology and experiential learning platform based in Atlantic Canada.  We support the integration of creativity, innovation, coding, and an entrepreneurial spirit within classrooms and educational curricula.

Executive Director:

We understand that not every student will grow up to be a software developer or an engineer. However, we also know that the analytical, creative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that coding and the meaningful use of technological tools will serve young people well in whichever education and career path they choose. 


Furthermore, when students are inspired in class, they start to take ownership of their education and learning.  This in turn goes a long way in engaging and supporting them to redefine success in their own terms.

 Brilliant Labs combines technology- and project-based learning with innovation and entrepreneurship to deliver captivating programs within classrooms and communities, supported by cross-sector representation and participation for collaboration and “collective impact”.  We use makerspaces:  community-focused and -operated workspaces where students with common interests – often in computers, digital/electronic art, fabrication, machining, science, technology and textiles – meet, socialize, collaborate and create. 


From creating with 3-D printers and developing their own Internet of Things devices to making interactive art and fashion, students and teachers can now play an active role in taking ownership of lessons and in some cases, even developing their own inventions, technologies and businesses. 

21st century

With the needs of maintaining a healthy Canadian economy having changed dramatically since 2000, Canada’s education and learning system must also change to align with this cultural shift.  There is a growing expectation that young people are self-starters, lifelong learners, innovators and creative problem solvers.   By providing resources, skills and the right supports, we engage and inspire our youth and help to spark a transformation in the region’s economy.


Our vision is to provide every child in Atlantic Canada with the opportunity to create and innovate, to learn to code, to graduate from school and to be part of a vibrant and growing business and technology community.

board of directors 

David Alston, Director

Robb Baird, Secretary

René Boudreau, Chair

David Desjardins, Treasurer

Sue Taylor-Foley, Director

Dawn Umlah, Director