Thank you for joining our monthly code challenges.  Please be sure to check back with us every month for new coding challenges you can try with your students!


Grades P-2 

For this month's coding challenge create and play a No-Tech Coding Game:
Using index cards and computational thinking, create an IF/THEN game to play with your friends and family!

* Please note that any of these coding challenges can be done by any age or grade level.  These are only age grouping recommendations

Kids in Technology Class

Grades 3-5

For our upper elementary school challenge this month we ask you to watch the video and discover how to share your learning with an Interactive Poster:
Share what you know about a topic by creating an interactive poster with Scratch and a Makey Makey or MicroBit. 

Studying on a Computer

Grades 6-8

This month's middle school coding challenge asks you to build your own Fitness Tracker:
Use a MicroBit and personalized code to design and create a fitness tracker.


Grades 9-12

Our high school challenge this month is to code a game in Javascript:
Use machine learning to code an app using text-based coding.

Prototype Designer
Technology Class


If you have questions or need a little support, let's connect you with a Brilliant Labs specialist in your area.

Clicking on a Tablet

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