Thank you for joining our monthly code challenges.  Please be sure to check back with us every month for new coding challenges you can try with your students!


Grades P-2 

October is Fire Prevention Month. For this month's coding challenge we ask you to use chart paper or your classroom floor to design a home layout including locations for exits and smoke detectors. Once you've identified where the safe exits and smoke detectors are located students can then code Dash or Bee-Bot to visit each smoke detector to change the batteries.

* Please note that any of these coding challenges can be done by any age or grade level.  These are only age grouping recommendations

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Grades 3-5

For our upper elementary school challenge this month we ask you to watch the video and learn about changing backgrounds and costumes in your scratch project.  Use these skills to then share some information about UN Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health and Wellbeing, using Scratch including costume and background changes.


Grades 6-8

This month's middle school coding challenge asks you to use your mbot or Codey Rocky's ultrasonic sensor to help it maneuver through a maze with obstacles.


Grades 9-12

Our high school challenge this month involves learning how to develop a single web page using or your favourite notepad app to code and then rendering the web page with your favourite browser!  We ask that you use this knowledge to develop an HTML website that helps raise awareness about your favourite United Nations Sustainable Development Goal :) 

Prototype Designer
Technology Class


If you have questions or need a little support, let's connect you with a Brilliant Labs specialist in your area.

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