Brilliant Labs Has Teamed Up With Makers Making Change To Print Assistive Devices!

Yarmouth Nova Scotia -- Brilliant Labs is proud to announce that this Wednesday, April 17th, at 1pm the Yarmouth Assistive Technology (AT) Project will launch at the Yarmouth Life Skills Association. Students from the surrounding community will be bused in and challenged to get creative with 3D printing.

This powerful project is in collaboration with the Makers Making Change challenge presented by the Neil Squire Society; a National Not for Profit organization based out of Burnaby BC, with offices all over Canada including 7 offices here in the Maritimes! The mandate of Neil Squire Society is to "use technology, knowledge and passion to empower Canadians with disabilities." Makers Making Change is a new initiative created by the Research and Development department. The project is funded by Google Foundation, the Vancouver Foundation, the Calgary Foundation and the Government of Canada.

Makers Making Change builds networks and community through Community Chapters that host events to prototype and build devices for those in need. They also host an online open source projects library of assistive device designs and project files that are available free to be downloaded, modified and printed anywhere that has a 3D printer. Lastly, they offer a community based "maker matching service" through their website where makers and people with disabilities can connect to work on projects collaboratively in their region.

Students will leave the launch with the challenge of building and customizing “LipSync” devices that allow clients to control

tablets with a mouth/hand joy stick control when they return to class. They will be able to use any tools Brilliant Labs provides including 3D printers and robotics.

“How would you use a touch screen mobile device if you couldn’t use your hands to touch the device? With support from, the Neil Squire Society released the LipSync, a mouth controlled input device which enables people with little or no hand movement to operate a touchscreen device.” - Makers Making Change

Join us this Wednesday as we will be brainstorming design, installation, and construction of Assistive Devices with Life skills clients in partnership with students from the YCMHS Discovering Opportunities Program and Brilliant Labs/YCMHS Innovation Lunch Club. With partners like these who knows what we can accomplish!

Join us

Wednesday, April 17th, 1pm

Yarmouth Life Skills Association

Address: 15 Hawthorne St, Yarmouth, NS B5A 1M5

Your community or school can participate too thank's the online library and support of the Neil Squires Society.

Check this out:

1. Go to

2. Click Sign up and enter your information.

3. Select your role or multiple roles(maker, person with a disability, disability professional, teacher or other(other is someone wanting to be involved in some way as a volunteer or advocate). Fill out your location information, upload a profile photo and indicate your skills(if applicable)ex: soldering, electronics, 3d printing, etc.

Now that you are signed up - check out our open source projects library!

Here you will find all kinds of projects that help persons with disabilities complete everyday tasks with varying levels of skills required. While you can chose to print any of these devices, we suggest starting off with the dyslexia bar. This is a tool to help students isolate words on a page a line at a time and could benefit many kids in your own classroom! There are two different versions on the website - curved and flat, have the students try out both to see the differences. To challenge the students, have them change the space in the bar to accommodate bigger text, or have the length of the bar to fit into a commonly used book text book.

Want to keep printing? Print off useful devices like the key turner, palm pen holder, or

the finger pencil holders. Once printed, get in touch with and Makers Making Change will give your devices to a person in need when a request comes into the website. To keep challenging the students - have them customize the size of the devices to fit different hands or abilities.

Want to really challenge your students? Have the students looks around their school and community for ideas of a device that would help someone complete a task. It could be a student or teacher in the school, or a friend or relative in the community. Stuck for ideas? Check out the some of the ideas submitted to the projects page or contact for help!While 3D printing is really awesome to learn about all on its own - the great thing about Makers Making Change is that students are also giving back and helping those in their community!

You can use this presentation Read Here to discuss with students how technology can provide persons with disabilities the opportunity for more independence, and why accessibility is important. Or use these videos And more Neil Squires videos to show what technology can do for persons with disabilities!

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