NEW: Brilliant Labs Twitter LIVE Chat

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday!

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you, on February 20 (this Thursday) we are hosting a Twitter LIVE chat and we are inviting educators and the community to join the chat!

What is a Twitter chat?: It’s a scheduled, organized topical conversation on Twitter centralized around a specific hashtag and you follow the discussion to participate in it. Typically a moderator will post questions using the format of “Q1: How can Brilliant Labs….?”. Changing to Q2, Q3, etc. as they ask questions. Those following the chat will then answer: “A1: I think Brilliant Labs…”, etc. We will be hosting these chats every third Thursday of the month until the end of the school year and each will have a topic focus.

For our first one Join Brilliant Labs host Nellie Keating & co-host, Jeff Hennigar, for #BrilliantLabsLIVE Twitter Chat for your chance to get answers about Micro:Bits and projects.

They'll start with these questions:

1. What is a Micro:Bit and how can using them help our students?

2. How can Micro:Bits integrate into lessons across the curriculum?

3. What questions do you have about using Micro:Bits in the classroom?

4. What will you try with your students and Micro:Bits?

Closer to the end of the 30 min chat Nellie and Jeff will open the discussion up to answer any questions you may have about Maker Education, projects or classroom needs.

So mark your calendars for February 20th, 8:30pm so you don’t forget! At 8:30pm just log onto Twitter and type the #BrilliantLabsLIVE hashtag into the Twitter search bar and join us for the discussion. We can’t wait to see you all there!

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