NS Maker Faire A Success!

Dartmouth, NS -- On July 7th the students and educators of Prince Andrew High School welcomed special

guests Tim Halman, MLA - Dartmouth East, and Gary Burrill, MLA - Halifax Chebucto, along with friends, families and their community to their premier Maker Faire.

School Maker Faires offer students and their community the opportunity to share in the power on hands-on learning through making. The traditional definition of a maker is someone who produces or makes something. The ‘something’ is what is truly unique between each maker, and makerspace, like the Prince Andrew High School's makerspace. All makerspaces reflect a culture of making that is embedded not only within a school, but throughout a community.

The materials assembled in these makerspaces reflect not only trends in technologies but the materials that have been and will always be important in the identity of the community in which they are found. What is perhaps the most impressive aspect of the materials is the diversity in which makers are combining all materials to create authentic artifacts that reflect their own experiences. We think this is what makes ‘making’ brilliant.

Prince Andrew students, teachers, friends & family, and their community were given the opportunity to explore the advantage of the rich, expressive capacity of technology like 3D printers, virtual reality, soldering stations, green screens and much more.

From the 3rd graders who were put in charge of teaching the teens to use the Sphero kit for the day to the experimentation, sharing of knowledge and turn taking on the Oculus, which ran with almost zero intervention from adults. The kids were absolutely amazing, presenters and participants alike. They took ownership of their environment and learning and helped each other have a great experience!

We would like to say thank you and celebrate the projects, students, educators, special guests, sponsors & supporters, and community for "making" Prince Andrew High School Maker Fiare a great success!

Special Guests

Tim Halman, MLA- Dartmouth East

Gary Burrill, MLA -Halifax Chebucto

Partners and Volunteers

  • Learning Resources and Technology Services,Education and Early Childhood Development

  • Halifax Regional Centre for Education

  • Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education

  • South Shore Regional Centre for Education

  • Staff and students of Prince Andrew High School

  • Scott Olszowiec, Educational Opportunities NSCC

  • Georgeta Bauer, Maker Space volunteer

  • Ellie McKinnon, Volunteer

  • Isaac Morrell, Prince Andrew High student volunteer

  • James Jefferson-Young, Prince Andrew Maker Space Lead

  • Meaghan Boudreau, HRCE TILT

  • Nick Baskwill, Technology Mentor, AVRCE

  • David Denike, Options & Opportunities teacher, Prince Andrew High and Snapd Dartmouth Magazine photographer

  • Josiah Kennedy, Brilliant Labs Program Specialist (NB)

  • Dr. AmélieLemieux, Assistant Professor of Literacies Mount Saint Vincent University

  • Mandi Holness, volunteer

  • Lennan Forbes, Student Volunteer

  • Courtney Cameron, Neil Squire Society

School Visitors

Ellenvale Jr High

Auburn Jr High

Prince Andrew High

Schools and Projects

  • Beechville-Lakeside- Timberlea Elementary : Assisted Living Device projects created with the “Makers Making Change” program (NSS)

  • Hebbville Academy : Quilting/Sewing projects (supported by Brilliant Project Funding)

  • Park View Education Centre: Underwater ROV Robotics

  • Halifax West High School : Life Size R2D2 Project

  • Smokey Drive Elementary: Preparing for the future with the introduction of Robotics in our elementary Maker Space- with a focus on the Hummingbird Duo

  • Waverley Memorial : Interactive Scratch Games & CoSpaces -students completed poetry pieces around a specific theme.

  • Sir Charles Tupper : A variety of Maker Projects

  • Kingston Elementary : 3 projects - Sewing, Cardboard Pinball, Jumanji Board Game

  • New Germany Rural High School : The NGRHS Art Studio...a space to make!

Hands- On Demos

  • Robotics - Exploring with Spheros and Mbots

  • Virtual Reality

  • 3D Printing Design and Demos

  • Sewing stations -- make your own drawstring bags or small pillow

  • Button Making

  • Soldering Stations - make your own Brilliant Labs pin

  • Paper circuit Robots

  • Green Screen Photos with props

  • Hands - on crafting station

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