YouTube LIVE: STEM to the Wind

YouTube LIVE from BL NL April 1, 2019

4:00 pm NDT. 3:30 ADT

Brilliant Labs along with Memorial University and the Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland & Labrador are high-lighting the high tech and low tech skills that are can be used to reproduce a working model of a Newfoundland punt. We will be discussing the history of boat building unique to Newfoundland and its role in the history and economy of the province. We will then demonstrate how we can remotely control our 3D printed model of an actual punt using inexpensive tools such are Micro:bits.

We will be discussing the making of the punt model from the original punt and how this project can be extended & reproduced to highlight our history with and eye to the future.

Keep the STEM to the wind.

Watch LLIVE at 4:00 pm NDT. 3:30 ADT

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