Cardboard For Kitty, April 6th

Brilliant Labs is happy to sponsor the second annual Cardboard For Kitty April 6th, 1-4pm, at Market Square Atrium, New Brunswick's Festival Place.

Cardboard For Kitty is a youth lead fundraiser that was founded by two sisters, Hannah & Grace, from Barhill Memorial School & Islandview School, Saint John, NB, to raise funds for the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue.

The event welcomes teams of 2-5 people to build model cardboard cat homes in 2.5 hours in one of two CAT-egories: Brilliant Labs Smart Home & Global Pets Healthy Happy Home. Last year the event raised $4,500 and this year organizers hope to reach $5,000 with all proceeds going to the shelter.

Teams can register online on or before April 4th. There is a $125.00 team contribution goal that can be raised through a sponsorship sheet and can be paid online or the day of the event.

Brilliant Labs is sponsoring 10 Smart Home teams (youth 9-18). The challenge is to construct a functional cardboard Smart Home that may include simple machines like pulleys & levers to move doors, bridges or toys. Or, for more of a challenge teams can use code to program an automatic feeder, lighting or motion detected toys. ​

Brilliant Labs staff will be onsite to help participants with coding and supply some materials.

What you need:

1. Find 2-5 builders to create your team.

2. Register for the Cardboard For Kitty event on or before April 4th.

3. Make a plan and pre-design your Smart Home for kitty.

4. Cardboard and some supplies will be provided. Brilliant Labs will also provide some electronics and guidance to help you create your home.

5. You can bring toys, decorations or things that you want to include.


Sponsored space is limited. Email for Smart Home sponsorship.

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