Announcing A New Innovation Challenge: Community of the Future

The future of Atlantic Canada is becoming more and more brilliant. Using the maker mindset, students in our classrooms are developing tangible ways to solve real world problems that exist in our own backyards.

For example, Beth from New Brunswick has used laser technology to help enforce Ellen’s Law, which ensures the safety of cyclists on city streets.

Imagining a future application of student inventions like Beth’s, gets us excited. It’s possible, that in the future, devices such as autonomous cars and even robotic delivery vehicles will be sharing an already busy network of roads. It doesn’t take much for us to envision how Beth’s invention can be applied to these complex systems of future transportation.

Goal of Challenge:

Community of the Future

The intention of this challenge is to engage and inspire your students to design and build what they consider to be the Community of the Future in Atlantic Canada. Challenges that are apparent in one area of our geographical region may be very different in others. Urban centres may already have ubiquitous connectivity for all; whereas, some rural communities struggle with aging technological infrastructure and still connect to the Internet via dial-up. Some centres are prone to flooding, while others may battle droughts during the summer months. When we were designing this challenge, we found ourselves asking questions like:

  • What problems do we see in existing communities?

  • How do we create sustainable and livable communities?

  • How will aging demographics affect your community of the future?

  • How can we reduce energy consumption, landfill waste, and carbon emissions?

  • Can we create a climate positive neighbourhood with attention to things like all-weather infrastructure?

  • How will technology be used to help improve certain processes?

  • How do we retain our cultural identify as Atlantic Canadians and create places to live for people of all ages, abilities and incomes?

Join the challenge and share your #BrilliantCommunity project from beginning to end from now until mid April.

Find more resources and information on our official Community of the Future page.

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