Brilliant Labs Announces Substantial Investment in Youth For the Grand Falls Region

GRAND FALLS, NB -- Brilliant Labs is rolling out $900,000 over three years to help youth in the Greater Grand

Falls Region develop digital skills and competencies. This undertaking is the largest locally targeted investment Brilliant Labs has ever made.

Over the past four years Brilliant Labs has engaged Atlantic Canadian youth with a geographically broad program that inspires creativity, fosters innovation, and develops an entrepreneurial spirit. The investment in the Greater Grand Falls Region represents a more focussed offering than Brilliant Labs has traditionally offered.

“This is a tremendous opportunity” shared Jeff Willson, Brilliant Labs CEO, “this investment means that we will reach more youth, in a more in-depth way, than ever before.”

Brilliant Labs’ Investment in the Grand Falls Region will include:

  • Full time bilingual staff

  • Free summer camps

  • After school programs

  • The creation of the Region’s first ‘Maker Spaces’. These will include mobile, in-school, and community based installations

  • School and community competitions in computer coding, robotics and entrepreneurship, and innovation challenges throughout the school year

The youth of the Grand Falls Region will have access to the most comprehensive digital programming and resources in the Country. “No community in Canada has ever had this depth of an investment in youth & technology — it is truly transformative for youth across the Grand Falls Region.” adds Jeff Willson.

Beatrice Long, who brought her 10 year old grandson to a week long Brilliant Labs summer camp this past summer, agrees: “He loved it. He is an engineer in the making and this camp was right up his alley. He was so proud of his achievements and was eager to return each day. He finished with a feeling of accomplishment. I am excited more children have the chance to learn these skills.”

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Céline Kavanaugh, a High School Student in Grand Falls, believes that this project will hide the learning inside fun activities “students will have an opportunity to learn without even realizing it! Brilliant Labs understands the importance of providing learning opportunities which go well beyond the classroom.”

Kathleen Rice, an educational consultant working in the region adds that “our young people will be given opportunities to develop their creativity and ingenuity along with developing the ability to think critically, and work collaboratively with others to create their own futures.”

This investment was made possible through a contribution from the Dr. Oetker Community Fund.

Look for more information as programming starts to roll out. If you’re interested in getting involved or know of a young person or teacher who could benefit please contact us.

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