NB Innovators: Jacob Lingley & Benjamin Kelly

Brilliant Labs is proud to share the nominations of our very own Jacob Lingley, New Brunswick Program Director, and Benjamin Kelly, Caledonia Regional High School, who have been recognized as New Brunswick Innovators.

NB INNOVATORS is an annual recognition platform that works to share the stories of New Brunswick individuals who are disrupting the status quo. These imaginative people seek solutions in conventional ways.

Jacob moved from the classroom to Brilliant Labs three years ago. In this time Jacob has worn his passion for innovation like a badge of honour. We could not be more proud of this energetic life learner. Jacob continues to step up and challenge himself and others. His passion for learning is contagious and we, like those who nominated him, know he will continue to ignite change and inspire teachers & youth alike.

We know that part of innovation comes from disrupting the norm, so we asked Jacob about disrupting classrooms: "I believe disruption permits reflection. If I am a “disruptor of classrooms” it would likely characterize my sometimes frustrating compulsion to reflect on the classroom in transition. One of my current passions is to empower students to realize that their classrooms contain the most creative materials a student has ever had the opportunity to experience. From passionate educators to expressive technologies our students have access to the tools they require to it become the true disruptors of classrooms, and I for one welcome that disruption." We do too. Thank you for being an innovator and disruptor Jacob!

We would also like to give a shout out to Benjamin Kelly who is one of our champion teachers. Ben has challenged his students to use technology as a creative tool that will someday help them transform the province and the world.

Ben is being recognized for his Minecraft Education Edition. A platform that supports teachers by helping them challenge and educate students through game based learning. Ben's Minecraft world shares the student's love of gaming while exhibiting their understanding of the curriculum -- all the while fostering 21st century skills.

Congratulations Ben on your NB INNOVATOR nomination. We are very proud of you & your students. We are looking forward to supporting more projects and your continued commitment to transforming education by inspiring students.

Learn more about Ben's program here

Without passionate teachers, like Ben Kelly, Brilliant Labs could not accomplish or impact education the way we do and without inspiring program directors like Jacob Lingley we certainly couldn't excite teachers to take the experimental education leap.

We would like to thank those who nominated Ben and Jacob. To learn more about the NB Innovator recognition program visit innovators.ca and be #NBProud.

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