Brilliant Labs Nominated for 2 Digital Diversity Awards

The Digital Diversity Awards were initially created by Digital Nova Scotia to recognize women leaders who were spearheading the Digital Economy project that was funded by Status of Women Canada, which has now become a legacy program. Today, the goal of the awards program is to acknowledge and honour both female leadership and diversity champions in the male-dominated ICT sector, while encouraging Nova Scotia’s next generation of women leaders.

Brilliant Labs is honoured to be nominated for two Digital Diversity Awards.

Congratulations to our very own Sarah Ryan, Nova Scotia Program Director, on her nomination for the Power IT Up: Next Generation Leadership Award. This award recognizes nominees who are:

Employed in Nova Scotia’s ICT sector or an entrepreneur who has established her leadership qualities and is actively growing her career and company. This award celebrates and highlights the efforts and growth of an emerging female leader in the process of advancing her business or career. Preference will be given to:

- Nominees whose contributions to career advancement/ business growth in the ICT sector are significant

- Nominees whose contributions to diversity are above and beyond their regular job responsibilities.

We couldn't be more proud of Sarah and are thrilled by this nomination. Sarah without a doubt works over and beyond what is expected. She is guided by heart and passion for STEAM education. We have many stories of her work and each shows her commitment to encouraging young women throughout Nova Scotia to empower their learning through technology.

A perfect example of Sarah's passion and leadership can be seen In the last issue of Brilliant Labs Magazine: The Magic of Coding where Sarah shared that this past August 16-year old Eliza Fraser reached out to Sarah. “She was interested in forming a coding club at her school and this sent my heart a-flutter!” Sarah shared with a smile. “It’s truly inspiring when students take ownership over their education by showing such initiative. She was about to enter grade eleven at Citadel High in Halifax, Nova Scotia and wanted to get a jump on strengthening her tech skills.

To read Sarah's full Brilliant Labs Magazine story and more like it click here: The Flying Machine

We would also like to thank those who nominated Brilliant Labs for the Diversity Champion of the Year Award

Nominees are companies or organizations that actively promote the importance of increasing the number of women employed in Nova Scotia’s ICT sector. This award celebrates and highlights the efforts of a company, or organization who goes above and beyond to recognize the need for greater gender diversity in our male-dominated sector, such as developing metrics and/or a specific target to promote and retain more women in technology or technology-related positions. Preference will be given to:

- Nominees who have actively demonstrated their commitment to diversity learning best practices and have proven the implementation, measurement, and impact within their respective organizations to promote women into senior level positions.

Congratulations to all nominees and thank you for encouraging women and young girls to aspire to be leaders in the ICT sector.

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