Social Entrepreneurship Video Project: SocioPreneur1.0

SocialPreneur1.0 is youth-focused and -led short video for students about social entrepreneurship in New Brunswick. Launched this year at Saint John High School on February 15th, the video was researched, written and directed by former students, Ethan Hickey and Hojun Lee, and produced in partnership with Hemmings House Pictures.

Featuring some of New Brunswick’s leading entrepreneurs, with exciting drone videos highlighting the province’s natural beauty, SocialPreneur1.0 employed a youth-focused approach to engage students and connect with their Millennial ingenuity and sensibilities. Teaching students about creating economic opportunities that also has them consider their community and the planet exposes them to learning the knowledge and skills – the human skills required to be a successful social entrepreneur:

  • Being aware, possessing empathy, and recognizing unfairness.

  • Inspiring change through participation, and engaging others.

  • Identifying solutions and business opportunities.

  • Taking direct action.

  • Public speaking.

  • Fighting adversity.

  • Having resilience.

  • Exercising creativity.

The video is also a response to the current lack of educational materials on this subject for students to relate to. In producing the video, the entire project was led by youth. Who better to engage youth than their peers! SocialPreneur1.0 was titled with the view that 1.0 is the starting point, and that proceeding videos about social entrepreneurship will feature more women, as well as people from other cultures and ethnicities as the movement develops and grows throughout New Brunswick and beyond.

In providing creative opportunities for children and youth to learn coding and develop their digital skills in schools and communities throughout Atlantic Canada, Brilliant Labs combines the best practices in teaching with innovation, technology, and an entrepreneurial mindset to impact and transform children’s social and educational development.

Specifically with entrepreneurship, as a society we rely on our leaders and innovators to think creatively and ambitiously in order to accelerate development, solve problems or tackle our most pressing challenges in the same way we look to entrepreneurs to create opportunities in difficult economic times. What if we were to impart a similar, entrepreneurial-focused call to action for all our students? What if we then provided them with the necessary tools, technologies and support for them to make a difference? In combining innovation and technology with entrepreneurship, Brilliant Labs empowers students and the teachers who support them, to develop and utilize entrepreneurial “know-how”: creativity, critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication and collaboration skills.

In having students learn how to look at a situation critically to find ways of solving or improving it, while also

working with others, we not only develop their entrepreneurial spirit and know-how, we are also developing the essential “human skills” that are required to think critically, work with others, and be self-aware. Why are human skills so important for students to learn today more than ever before? As the workplace becomes increasingly technologically-focused, human skills will play a critical role for future workers to remain nimble and adaptable in order to navigate and use pervasive technologies like AI, robots and machines, rather than compete with them.

By applying an entrepreneurial mindset, Brilliant Labs engages students with an informed conscience which

stimulates their creative thinking, while also helping to set the stage for Atlantic Canada to redefine itself through “doers, makers and cutting-edge thinkers”.

The video project was made possible through the generous support of Enterprise Saint John, Historica, RBC Foundation, and the Governments of Canada and New Brunswick.

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