Kayoe On The Go: Fan Hat

We're still celebrating Canada 150 and believe it's never too late to re-visit summer! Join Kayoe On The Go in PEI and learn how to build a portable Fan Hat that turns on automatically when the temperature hits 30 degrees.

The focus of this project is to learn more about circuit concepts. This project was interesting because it was an attempt to solve a problem that had just came up in our adventures. We had just experienced a heat wave and Gracie wanted us to be prepared if another one came up. Another interesting point here is that Gracie had to wear the fan hat out and about. This meant that not only did we have to create a functioning device but it had to look presentable. An important part of the innovation process as one moves past the prototyping phase into the creation of a useful product. Trouble shooting in this project involved adjusting the position of the fan so that Gracie's hair didn't get caught in it. Improvements. Make it adjustable. At the moment the wires run around the hat which makes it hard to adjust the size.

Fan Hat Introduction: Join Gracie & Kayoe in beautiful PEI.

Building the Fan Hat using a micro:bit

Time to add the battery pack

Learn how to code the micro:bit using MakeCode

It's time to test the Fan Hat in the wilds of PEI

If you have any questions about how to customize or create your own Fan Hat project - please contact us... we are happy to help.

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