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It’s awesome that summer vacation is here. For the Stewart clan, this means ice cream, barbecuing and two months worth of family adventures. At any given time you can find us making memories at the beach, on the bike trail or at the campground.

Our daughter, Gracie, and I love creating together, especially during the summer months with more time on our hands. At home, it's easy peasy, but while out and about adventuring, it has been challenging for us to make and tinker. So THIS year, we're taking the Brilliant Lab maker space on the road with us! Before the Lab closed it's doors for the summer, I put together the ultimate "Mobile Makerspace". So wherever the summer takes us, we will always have some choice gear, aluminum foil, wiring and LOTS of rechargeable batteries in case inspiration hits us.

Be sure to tune in to our new web series, "Kayoe On the Go!" and stay up to date on our adventures. In true Brilliant Labs fashion, each video post will come complete with walkthroughs on how to recreate similar projects on your own or in the classroom.

Our first adventure took us to the streets of Fredericton, NB for Canada Day. Gracie and I thought it would be fun to count our steps as we took in the festivities, but our last step counter took a little dip in the pool --- so we've been inspired to build our own. Join us as we create two new step counters using micro:bits, elastics, and an inventor’s kit in this 7 video creator's series. Let's Go!

<Kayoe On The Go - Intro>

<Kayoe On The Go - 2 - Micro.bit Review>

<Kayoe On The Go - 3 - Make Code User Interface>

<Kayoe On The Go - 4 - Coding Micro:bit Continued>

<Kayoe On The Go - 5 - Assembling Kayoe's Micro:bit>

<Kayoe On The Go - 6 - Gracie's Micro:bit & Inventor's Kit>

<Kayoe On The Go - 7 - Every Step Counts Happy Canada Day>

Join us next time as we keep little critters out of our camp with a "Food Alarm"!

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