Congratulations to the winners of the 4th Annual Scratch Competition!

It was an exciting afternoon for our Scratch provincial finalists. Twenty-four student finalists from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia participated in the Maritime Scratch Coding competition where they were joined by judges who reviewed each submission carefully and interviewed the students.

New Brunswick participants and their families arrived to a warm welcome from UNBSJ and quickly headed into the computer labs to begin the competition.

Judges, Noah from UNB, Mirko from T4G, and Susan from BlueSpurs, were introduced and the guidelines were reviewed. Projects were judged on various criteria that included fun factor, design, user friendliness, coding ability, art, design, and more.

Each participant exhibited their work and answered questions.

The competition lasted about two and a half hours before the winners were finally announced.

In Nova Scotia, participants were judged on the same criteria, however the finals where were virtual. Judges visited each finalist game link and carefully reviewed the criteria to find the top projects.

We are pleased to announce the 4th Annual Scratch Competition New Brunswick and Nova Scotia winners!

New Brunswick

LEVEL 1 (Grade 6)

Best Over All:

Harry Miller Middle School: Pick Up Sticks

Student: Olivia

Best Technical:

George St. Middle School: Copy/Paste/Cut Alpha Verison

Student: Ethan

Best Artistic:

Princess Elizabeth School: The Adventures of Scratch v2.2

Student: Jayden

LEVEL 2 (Grade 7-8)

Best Over All:

George St. Middle School: Destiny

Student: Marin

Best Technical:

Harold Peterson Middle School: The Cartoon Adventure!

Student: Celia

Best Artistic:

George St. Middle School: Earth - A Game

Student: Keelin

Nova Scotia Top Six

LEVEL 1 (Grade 6)

Evangeline Middle Schoo / RefreshAV: The Pit Of Corruption​

Student: Solomon

Munroe Middle School: Color Swap

Student: Affan

Waverley Memorial: Keep on breathing

Students: Kaitlyn and Isabelle

Ecole Chebucto Heights Elementary: Owl Delivery

Student: Clara

LEVEL 2 (Grade 7-8)

Pugwash District High School: Destruction of the cosmos 1

Student: Nikolas

Home Schooled: Realistic Drawing in Vector

Student: Nia

Thank you to all those who submitted projects and congratulations to our winners. Watch for upcoming coding events and keep up the great work!

Congratulations to all Scratch Competition Finalists!

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