Canada Learning Code Week June 1-8

Brilliant Labs will be working with Canada Learning Code to bring beginner level coding to communities June 1-8. Register your event now!

According to current projections, there will be a shortage of more than 200,000 ICT workers in Canada by the year 2020. Our nation’s ability to retain its position as a significant contributor to the global economy is contingent on our collective willingness to invest in improving digital literacy among Canadians now, equipping them to participate fully in our digital world.

Canada Learning Code is a groundbreaking cross-sector coalition formed to increase awareness of the importance of digital literacy and improve access to coding education in Canada. Over the next 10 years, partners from industry, non-profits like Brilliant Labs, and the public sector will work together to achieve our ambitious goal: to teach 10 million Canadians to code by the year 2027.

This coalition, spearheaded by ​Ladies Learning Code​ (Melissa Sariffodeen) and championed by Tobias Lütke (​Shopify​), Boris Wertz (​Version One Ventures​), and Justin

Lafayette (​Georgian Partners​), will work over the next 10 years to reach a bold goal: create 10 million meaningful technology education experiences for Canadians.

Brilliant Labs is proud to support this initiative in the Maritimes and will be working with Canada Learning Code organizers, educators and our partners to empower digital literacy K-12.

If you have questions about Canada Learning Code week please contact us or visit

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