THE IMPORTANCE OF BRILLIANT LABS by Mr. Nick Baskwill, Kingston District School, Kingston, Nova Scot

Brilliant Labs is simply that - brilliant. In case you haven't heard of them, Brilliant Labs an Atlantic movement to grow creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit in our youth. They are a small team of people who have huge spirit and love for what they do. Check them out at to see more. They are hugely important to the education of Nova Scotian students, especially mine. They are the backers behind Green Screen, Robotics, Sewing, and 3D Printing projects, which they have donated materials and support for. These projects have been amazing to run in my class and my students have created some great projects, developed amazing skills, and fostered a love of making and discovery.

On Friday April 21st, my class was visited by Sarah Ryan, the co-director of Brilliant Labs Nova Scotia. She brought with her a wearable electronic project for the class to do. Leading the project Sarah had the students hooked from the very beginning. They were captivated, engaged, and thrilled to show what they could do.

If there is any doubt, just look at the picture. It can be the definition of engaged or collaboration. The students where so engaged they did not want to stop, and some took the project home for the weekend to show their parents and try new things.

That is the beauty of Brilliant Labs. They are able to tap into resources to help classrooms bring in high interest, engaging content that builds skills that students need to have. Problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration, and success. Brilliant Labs also supports teachers, more than helping out with funding, they are there for PD and support during projects. The people of Brilliant Labs (Jeff, Sarah, Kim, Jacob) are personable and great to work with.

They have been a huge boost to me, my classroom, and most importantly, my students. Thanks Brilliant Labs for all help and support! I am looking forward to many more years of great collaboration!

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