High Altitude Challenge

Spring is here and that means we're ready to officially launch our High Altitude Challenge! Schools interested in this engineering design challenge and developing their very own HABs (High Altitude Balloons), for our TBD launch day in June, should send a message to info@brilliantlabs.ca

We are also looking for various groups of students who would like to take on a larger responsibility and help organize and coordinate our launch day. If you're interested in helping take a leadership role for this Challenge please reach out!

The HABs will require a GPS module, a camera, and we are challenging schools to also get creative and integrate various sensors so that data from each high altitude balloon may then be shared and analyzed. Bonus points if your HAB can tweet out from the stratosphere or communicate it's data prior to retrieval!

Interested but aren't sure where to start? Contact Us!

Need additional resources? Try applying for extra help using our Project Based Learning Fund!


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