Brilliant Labs Notable Mentions from the ASD-W STEAM Expo March 18, 2017.

We are pleased to share Brilliant Labs Notable Mentions from the ASD-W STEAM Expo March 18, 2017. Congratulations to all the participates.

  1. Fredericton High School - Environmental Science with Drones

  • Students: David N, Will M, Brandyn C, Nathan H.

  • Description: These grade 11 and 12 students are using a drone to lift an automated, water collection platform payload to test for pollutants in a Ducks Unlimited protected area in Fredericton.

  • (No BL prize)

  1. Liverpool Street Elementary - Les Circuits

  • Student: Zinnia MW

  • Description: This grade 3 student demonstrated an incredible knowledge of parallel circuits. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the future.

  • (Awarded a Makeymakey - needs to be shipped)

  1. Garden Creek Elementary - Saving the Earth

  • Student: Nick P

  • Description: This grade 4 student embraced the Renewable Energy theme of the STEAM expo by demonstrating the power generated by a 3D printed water wheel.

  • (Awarded a Makeymakey - given to student at event)

  1. Graden Creek Elementary - Tin Can Robot

  • Student: Max M

  • Description: This grade 2 student loves robots. We can’t wait to see what Max invents with his new mBot!

  • (Awarded a mBOT - needs to be shipped)

  1. Oromocto High School - Project Shiny

  • Students: Zack M and Mac A.

  • Description: These grade 10 students created an automated Pokémon search tool that mimics a user’s input. This prototype is their first step towards automating repetitive medical procedures.

  • (Awarded a Raspberry Pi + Camera Kit - needs to be shipped)

  1. Nashwaaksis Middle School - The Heart Saver

  • Students: Raj G., Dennis S., Aru M.

  • Description: Using an arduino, these grade 8 students created a wearable device that monitors heart rate by sending data through a SIM card.

  • (Students will submit their request for items to build their next prototype).

  1. Bliss Carman Middle School - Code Breaker

  • Student: Jayden D

  • Description: This grade 7 student is fond of cryptology. His code breaking abilities would make any espionage professional jealous.

  • (Awarded a Raspberry Pi Zero kit - needs to be shipped)

  1. Leo Hayes High School - Reuben’s Dudes

  • Students: Drew H, Noah H

  • Description: These grade 12 students crafted an incredible Reuben’s Tube. This propane filled sound equalizer was able to dazzle viewers as flames mimic the highs and lows of their favourite songs.

  • (Committed a gas sensor of some sort - needs to be shipped).

  1. George Street Middle School - Cryptex: A Classroom Tool

  • Students: Will, C.

  • Description: This grade 7 student created a 3D printed model of a cryptex. The approximately 200 design hours allows Will to create an incredibly complex locking tumbler system that aims to teach students about proportions as well as probability.

  • (Awarded the 3D printer - provided at event)

What a Brilliant Day!

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