Mr.Tri's mBOT Weekly Challenge

Every day at Brilliant Labs, our Engineer in Residence, Mr. Tri works with students to refine their robotic abilities. In honour of their great achievements, we thought we would ask him to extend his talents a little further to all students across Atlantic Canada who have access to an mBOT. Remember, for those of you who need a little extra help getting stated with your mBOT, feel free to check out our mBOT mastery course located here.



Mr. Tri says that logic is very important when becoming a robotics expert. You may find the "control block" "IF / THEN / ELSE" useful.


By using only one keyboard press to start your code, your mBot must successfully avoid any obstacle it encounters. Once obstacle is detected, mBot must avoid and then continue along its journey.

Visit the weekly challenge page to get all the information and get ready to a challenge champion!

Week 1: Obstacle Avoidance

Have fun and happy coding.

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