Frogs croaking in the lagoon, Means rain will come real soon... what?!?

Arduino Raspberry Pi Weather Station Project

Frogs croaking, spiders spinning, birds flying -- people watching for clues to what nature has in store. Looking for signals to indicate changes in pressure, temperature, humidity and more...but students in Nova Scotia aren't waiting for webs to be vacated -- they're taking weather predicting to a whole new level. They are building an Arduino and Raspberry Pi based weather monitoring station!

A group of Nova Scotia High School Students are joining forces with the Nova Scotia Community College to build a Weather Monitoring Station that will collect solar data in Cape Breton. The build will involve electronics, code and data collection. The equipment will include an Arduino (micrcontroller), a Raspberry Pi (micro computer), a DHT22 (humidity and temperature sensor), a Pyranometer (to measure solar irradiance), a data logging shield and a camera. Pretty impressive stuff!

This project is based on a project currently taking place at NSCC. NSCC is working in partnership with the T.A. Marryshow Community College from Grenada and Grenlec the Grenada power utility. NSCC program participants will collaborate on the 2017 Weather Station Project with counterparts from the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) collecting data throughout the island of Grenada.

The NSCC students will be sharing their skills and talents with our high school students. This will be a great learning opportunity for high school students to understand just how we can use technology and code to develop real life solutions to complex environmental problems.

And we're going to share the journey with you! Our students will be blogging about the project - and sharing the successes and failures -- the joys and the frustrations -- because the journey is the best part! So stay tuned...this is just the beginning...

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