High School Students Get Ready To ROBO-Rumble

Imagine a room filled with a crowd cheering for their favorite athlete as they move to

compete, while on the sidelines are the coaches anxiously hoping that all the hard work

will pay off. One athlete turns and moves in for the attack, but before they can grasp their opponent something glitches “this is what every athlete hopes won’t happen” at the Anglophone South District (ASD) high school sumo-bot competition this spring says Simonds High teacher Peter Woytiuk the organizer behind the upcoming event April 12th, 2017. "The start time is at 1 p.m. in the cafeteria and it looks like it will be a full house with a 12 school/ 24 team double knock out rumble!

We hosted a sumo-bot competition a few years ago - it was a great success so we’ve been working with district high schools, Brilliant Labs and NBCC to bring it back” explained Mr. Woytiuk.

“Robot competitions like this are no different than any sport as participants need to prepare and practice for the various floor challenges” shared, NBCC Instructor, Mr. Rejean Barriault.The difference here is that these students have to design, build, and program robots. That’s where the learning, knowledge and skill development comes into play.” NBCC students will be working with High Schools to give building and programming support to participating students.

Each robot will be judged on it’s ability to perform and complete tasks successfully, but more importantly students will have to code their robot with strategy in mind and design their bots to overcome key obstacles. Anything can go wrong and participants need to know how to think and problem solve quickly. Brilliant Labs couldn’t be happier to help support Mr. Woytiuk and Simonds High School in hosting this event. Events like the sumo-bot challenge gives students an arena to showcase their ability to apply what they’ve learned in school up to this point -- math, science, technology, design, and of course problem solving will be put to the test in a fun exciting way this spring.

The Sumo-bot competition is an Anglophone South District event that will take place at Simonds High School April 12, 1 p.m, but there will be some surprise guest student teams from other school districts. Although registration is now closed, you can get a jump start and sign your team up for next year's competition by registering here.

If you'd like to come see the excitement first hand please contact us and we'll be sure to save you a seat.

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