Hummingbird Robotis: Bringing Ideas into Existence

Hummingbird Robotics

I do confess I love the Hummingbird Robotics Kit! With this kit, you hatch, brainstorm, imagine,

visualize, conjure up, think up, generate, fabricate and bring into being! It's the ultimate maker kit combining materials, robotics and code.

Now, this kit is not just any robotics kit it is designed with the beginner in mind. Its components make it easy to get started from its clearly labelled and color coded circuit board

to the little plastic tool used to connect the parts. It is easy to program using Scratch. This tutorial is going to focus on the beginner, and we'll assume you've never used a robotics kit or coded before. So, follow along and in no time you'll have a creation to be proud of.

I do want to mention this Hummingbird Robotics kit has advanced features that offer a sophisticated programming environment and the ability to untether (unplug) your creation from the computer and have it roam free. If you are a more advanced user, please visit the Hummingbird robotics site for more details on programming with Arduino.

Check out this tutorial to learn:

  • Hummingbird curriculum connections

  • Get step-by-step help

  • Program your Hummingbird Robots

  • Help with software Installation

  • Find classroom considerations

more >>>> Hummingbird Tutorial

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