Brilliant Labs Teams Up With Engineers Nova Scotia

We're excited to announce that Brilliant Labs Nova Scotia will be collaborating with Engineers Nova Scotia to support Maker Ed across Nova Scotia!

There will be an open-house on Thursday, February 23rd from 11 am to 1 pm at the Alumni Lounge at Sexton Campus of Dalhousie University to show case some of the various equipment and activities that take place in our Makerspaces. Please join us to find out how you support Maker Education in your community. You can find the registration link here.

Georgeta Bauer, a Makerspace volunteer and Mechanical Engineer loves spending time in the Gaetz Brook Junior High Makerspace! Here's what she has to say about her experiences:

"Volunteering and running a Makerspace is a great way to share your technical and

artistic skills, and expose the next generation to the creative and design process required to accomplish STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) projects. It is very exciting to watch their exploratory and learning process and to see them hold an object in their hands that they first created in their minds, be it a pillow case that they made on the sewing machine, a 3D printed key chain with their dog's name on it, or a LEGO robot that they built and programmed to go through a maze. What I particularly like, is showing them how math is useful to accomplish any of those projects. There is a lot of gratitude and appreciation from students and school staff and really, the hardest part is getting them to go back to class when the lunch period is over."

– Georgeta Bauer, P.Eng.

Mechatronics Lecturer and Engineer in Residence in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Dalhousie University.

For more information about volunteer opportunities in your community please email Sarah at

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