Register students this week for an Hour of Code!

The Hour of Code is a global event, Dec 4-10 2017, reaching over a hundred million students in 180 countries. No Experience Needed. Teachers can sign their up to at and give their students a chance to learn computational thinking and coding as they take part in one-hour self guided tutorials.

We ask parents too! Contact your child's school and help organize an Hour of Code event. Learning the basics of coding will help your child with problem solving, math, and literacy... not to mention, put them on the right path for the future!

The tutorials often have popular themes, like MineCraft, StarWars, or Disney’s Frozen, to help engage the students. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce coding as no experience is needed. Brilliant Labs' goal is to help double the amount of participating students over last year and get all schools to enroll at least one class in the Hour of Code this December. Contact us if you have questions or sign up today:

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