Makerfaire: Wow!

Well -- it's said 'Making is founded in play' and Makerfaire certainly takes that seriously! Imagine 95,000 people surrounded by robots, circuits, rockets, racecars, soldering irons, flames, a marching band and flying drones...and then check out the video of Makerfaire New York 2016!

And now we're back from Makerfaire and ready to inspire students in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as they explore making. One message that was loud and clear at Makerfaires is that "kids need time and space to create' (Dale Dougherty, CEO/Founder MakerMedia) and that's exactly what we provide in our Brilliant Labs. Yes, we're doing it right. Our goal is to embed making in the culture of our schools, our communities and our world.

So, what are you inspired to Make? Apply to our Brilliant Labs Project Fund and get started on your making journey.

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