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It's complete! It has been a journey to create this tutorial! After teaching hundreds of students the basics of Scratch (a learn to code program created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT) -- I knew I wanted to create a resource to show students that they can use Scratch as part of their school life. I confess that my number one school pet peeve is Bristol Board. In this day and age I want to see kids using the technology to complete projects and assignments -- not just cutting and pasting pictures. I believe that integrating these tools in the classroom will make for more engaged students and more creative projects. So, I took a line from the Nova Scotia school Curriculum (Math 6.1.2: Solve problems using large numbers, using technology)...and built a Math Multiply Game. So, here's an easy to follow 10 step series to build one yourself. I've also included a little intro to the Scratch environment.

Here's the list to each video (the videos are short and easy to follow along):

This series will take you through the basics of creating a character (sprite) and making the character move! We will use loops, if statements, variables, broadcasting, operators, the x-y grid and more.

So, give it a try! Have fun and get creating! Then, send us your project link and we'll share it with our Brilliant Labs community.

Scratch can be found here:

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