This is a 3d Printer Spool Reloading Robot that was built in the St. Andrew’s Brilliant Labs Makerspace. The students find the Orion Delta 3D printer (shown here) works best with the stubby filament spools. However, the only filament spools available in the makerspace yesterday were the thin tall spools. So, to use this filament, it would need to be respooled onto a different spool. Some of the kids noticed their teacher Anthony MacPherson trying to reload the spool by hand and knew there must be a better way.

So Lucy Chisholm, Jay MacDonald, and Hunter Gerroir came up with an invention — the 3D Printer Spool Reloading Robot featuring the Lego Mindstorms EV3. The designed and built the robot using the EV3 brick, 2 large motors, Legos pieces. They also wrote the program to control their new invention. The EV3 now does the work and feeds from one spool to another automatically. They programmed it with 3 different speeds and added a fun, encouraging ‘go, go, go’ chant 🙂 Although, they did write one more program with no sound (in case the “go, go go go go” gets annoying after a while).

They then did a print with the new spool and found it wound well enough for the job to complete without issue — a success!

Congrats to Makerspace Innovators Lucy, Jay and Hunter — and special shout out to their supportive teacher Anthony!

#3Dprinting #prototyping #SeeMeCNC

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