OVER 80 projects submitted — what an incredible showing!

Wow! This year’s competition exceeded our expectations for both skill level and originality. We, together with our Partners at the REDspace reviewed every entry. It was tough to choose only a few winners because there were so many great projects. We’ve added our Press Release but before you get to that, try out the games for yourself…and if you want to be really impressed hit the ‘see inside’ button on the Scratch game page and see the code. You will agree we have some pretty fabulous beginning programmers out there!









Press Release below:

June 29, 2016

The was an overwhelming success as over 80 incredible student projects poured in from Cape Breton to Yarmouth from students in Grades 4-8. The initial call went out in May inviting students to prepare a game and/or animation using the popular learn to code program Scratch* – and the projects that were submitted exceeded expectations. This year’s Nova Scotia Competition was hosted by Brilliant Labs and REDspace.

Code is simply the language computers speak – and it is our responsibility to ensure this generation of students is computer literate –coding is a necessary skill – and while the idea of game building may seem like a fun hobby – these kids were doing some pretty incredible computer programming. Their projects included variables, mathematical formulas, loops, if/else statements, multiple levels, and mapping using the x-y grid as well as so many original character and background designs, custom sound recordings and elaborate plots. The contest definitely encourages out of the box thinking and cross-curricular planning.

“The goal of Brilliant Labs is to work collaboratively with industry partners to promote a community of learners. So, with this in mind, we reached out to The REDspace. Wes Gould, Chief Operating Officer (COO), immediately jumped on board – with not only financial support to purchase the fantastic prizes but their developers took the lead in reviewing the projects and providing great feedback to each and every student submission. Imagine being a young student and receiving support and encouragement from industry professionals. That will go along way to empowering the next generation of computer engineers and software developers,” says Kim Desveaux, Brilliant Labs, Co-Program Director.

“At REDspace, we understand the importance of promoting jobs and opportunities in the IT sector among youths,” says REDspace’s COO, Wes Gould. “We could not have been happier to be part of this competition. If this is the calibre of games at this age, the future is bright for our industry!”

The first place winners each receive their own 3D printer. The second prize is a programmable robotics kit and third place prize is a Makey Makey invention kit. These competitions give young programmers a chance to showcase their talents and offer them encouragement and support to continue on the path to making and creating.

“We at Brilliant Labs want to thank our partner, REDspace, as well as all the students who dedicated their time and creativity. A special thank you as well to the parents, guardians, and teachers throughout the province who encouraged and supported the students as they developed their projects. We look forward to next year’s competition!” says Desveaux.

The following chart details the winning entries as well as a link to each project:

Nova Scotia Scratch Competition 2016 Winners

Grade 4-6 Winners

Rank School Name Grade

Monkey Goes Bananas 2 1 Malcolm Munroe Memorial Middle School 6

Emoj Run 2 2 Sydney River Elementary School 5

Catching Apples 3 Ecole Chebucto heights 6

Space Game 3 Ecole Chebucto heights 6

Grade 7-8 Winners

Rank School Name Grade

Attack Of The Killer Squares 1 Maple Grove Education Centre 8

First Reality VII 2 Malcolm Munroe Memorial Middle School 8

The Castle On The Hill 3 Riverside Education Centre 7

A Day In The Life Of You 3 Saint Andrew Junior School 8

Link to original Competition Page: http://brilliantlabs.com/scratch/

*Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT. It is a visual based coding program that allows young people to create fun games and animations while learning the basics of computer programming. https://scratch.mit.edu/

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