What is an entrepreneur? Do you become an entrepreneur … or do you just uncover your hidden potential? Have you ever operated a lemonade stand or shoveled driveways to make extra money? Does this make you an entrepreneur? These are the questions we’re bringing to a classroom near you.

When I was a kid, there was a very busy street at the edge of our neighborhood that most kids weren’t allowed to cross — the problem was that on the other side of that street was the candy store (a big deal in the late 70s). So, a friend and I decided to set up a stand — we would take a bag of chips (bought from the illusive store) and divide the chips into 3 baggies…we’d then sell the baggies individually and make a profit. We solved a problem for our customers who couldn’t get to the store and we made a little profit for ourselves! Classic entrepreneurship.

These days I have the great pleasure of working with Brilliant Labs and CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship Education Development) to promote entrepreneurship. Today, we spent the day doing CEED’s Tower of Power workshop. During this workshop students form teams – and they work to solve the Tower Challenge. They need to design and build the highest tower for the least cost. CEED sets up a ‘store’ where the students buy materials. They then use these materials to build a tower. Upon completion, the tower is measured and sold for $10 per cm in height (of course the tower must stand on its own – and cannot be taped to the ceiling).

During this fun workshop students learn about revenue, cost and profit. It’s a great hands-on experiment that creates lots of interesting discussion of success and experience … and even topics of risk and of course teamwork.

Here are a couple of photos from today’s workshop — with Manus Farmer, Gabe Roy and CBVRSB! It’s funny how a couple of balloons, a bit of tape and a cardboard box can make you think about the future! Nova Scotia needs more entrepreneurs and we’re doing our part to start the conversation early!

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