Everywhere you turn – CODING is part of the conversation – everyone is talking about coding these days – from Mark Zuckerberg to President Obama to Ashton Kutcher. So what’s it mean to you? well, if you need to know the basics…and fast…let us help break it down for you.

First of all – code is simply the language computers speak. So think of learning to code as learning to communicate with computers. Just as there are many different languages (English, French, German, Arabic, etc) there are many different computer languages (Javascript, HTML, Python, C+, etc.) – and while each language is different, they each have the same purpose – to communicate!

Now – why do you want to communicate with your computer? Isn’t it enough to know how to email and update your Facebook status? NO! It’s not enough. Using programs like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or playing games like Call of Duty, Candy Crush and Five Nights at Freddy’s may be fun – and serve a purpose like entertaining us, or sharing information – but these are simply games and applications designed by someone else. Using them is not much different from looking at a painting or reading a book. Sure it’s nice, but what is our role in it? What are we really doing ? We are consuming them – and thus are just consumers.

BUT, what if rather than admiring a painting – or reading a book – you were to PAINT a masterpiece or WRITE a novel?? You would then become a creator – a maker – an artist! That’s empowering! You’ve gone from being a consumer to becoming a maker. Now imagine coding your own game; your own app; your own program? Imagine writing the code that controls a robot, a drone, a water treatment plant? Let’s face it – technology is a part of our lives.

We go online to bank, to connect with family, to get directions, to do research and more. Technology is everywhere – from our phones to our cars, from our hospitals to our national defence systems. You have two choices – be a passive observer (consumer) – or become an active participant (producer).

At Brilliant Labs we want to help you become an active participant. And we’re starting with the basics – let us teach you the basic building blocks of code and learn to ‘speak the language’. Remember when you first learned to speak English (or French, or Spanish, or whatever language you speak) – it was a gradual process. It didn’t happen overnight – but step by step you learned. Everyday learning just a little bit more. Now it’s time to learn a new language – one that is every bit as important – so take the first step.

I’ve prepared an introductory video to get you started:

Let me know what you think at or better yet – send me pics of your creations! Good luck and have fun! Coding is a skill and just like any skill it takes time and practice – but I promise you the journey will be worth it!

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