The Finch is an adorable little robot that has many cool features including motors, LEDs, light and temperature sensors. It’s a fantastic robot for introductory coding because various programming languages such as Scratch, Snap, Alice and Python can be used with it. The simple design and multiple sensors makes the Finch perfect for beginner-to-intermediate coding and robot enthusiasts!

You can find general information about the Finch as well as how to purchase it at Finch Robot website. A great resource for coding the Finch using Scratch can be found here.

Ideas to Get Started with Your Finch

  • Test out the colour LEDs, sound, motors, temperature and lights sensors.

  • Program the Finch move forward and in reverse.

  • Program to travel in a specific direction and at a set speed.

  • Change the colour of the LED on it’s nose.

  • Code the Finch to say something using Scratch.

Fun Finch Projects and Resources

Twitter-Powered Finch—Connects a Finch to Twitter. Each time that a programmed hashtag is mentioned on Twitter the Finch will move.

The Finch Robot Blog—Follow along as a student explores the Finch.

Dancing Finch—Get your Finch to dance to programmed Midi files.

Using Python to Code a Finch— An excellent resource for coding your Finch with Python.

Enjoy exploring robotics with the Finch. Please remember to share your projects with us! @brilliant_labs.


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