The MaKey MaKey is a fun and simple invention kit that allows you to use conductive items, such as fruit and tin foil, as if they are keys on a keyboard. This small but mighty educational tool is a great introduction to circuitry, coding, design, and so much more. With a little imagination, you can use a MaKey MaKey and Scratch (Scratch: Imagine, Program, Share!) to create your own original project. I had fun controlling my sprites with a potato, bananas, oranges and playdough. Tip: Apples don’t work as well—I had to press really hard.

Here are a few project ideas that combine a Makey Makey with Scratch coding:

  • Quick Start Guide : Everything you need to know to set up and get started.

  • Makey Makey and Scratch Operation Game: A fun twist on a traditional game.

  • Magnetic Makey Makey Mazes: Test your maze-maneuvering skills with this neat project.

  • MaKey MaKey Giant Scratch Controller: Check out this larger-than-life video game controller!

Please share your MaKey MaKey projects with Brilliant Labs! @Brilliant_Labs.

Let the making begin!


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