Brilliant Labs has some exciting news: Students who are hoping to print a large version of their 3D Design, can now do so using our Large-Format 3D printer at our Brilliant Lab Shop. (Please send .stl files to

All of the mechanical components of the SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX complete. It certainly demands attention!

Wow. That is some exciting news. To tell you some history behind this movement, Brilliant Labs has discovered that there are students who are using CAD programs to build replicas of their houses, cases for their electronic invention, or even a prosthetic for a farm animal. 3D printing has revolutionized an individual’s access to rapid prototyping, however many 3D design enthusiasts who get their hands on a printer are limited due to small print volume of most 3D Printers. So, the brilliant minds at Brilliant Labs, put their heads together and decided to purchase one printer, large enough to print any job that our students send our way! Want to print a 30 centimetre bolt for a specialized project? No Problem. Want to print your own life-sized, humanoid robotic-arm? No Problem. Want to print your own tree-house? Ok… we’ll probably have to do that one in pieces.

SeeMeCNC’s two-story printer at World Maker Faire in New York, September 2015

There are many large-format 3D printers available for purchase. However, our decision was easy: I had the opportunity to meet the creators and manufacturers of this printer at the World Maker Faire in New York, this past September. I was quickly convinced that this was the printer for us, since one of the main designers has been a teacher his whole life. If the two commercially available sizes of printers from this company weren’t large enough, they have made a printer (using the same electronics as their smaller printers) the same height of a two-story house! As much as I wanted to bring one of these back on the plane, they assured me that they have only made one two-story sized printer.

Check out that delta formation!

What’s fascinating about this printer (other than it’s authoritative stature) is the delta extruder formation. The most common 3D printer extruder formation is one that prints on an x/y plane, with the build plate moving up/down the z-axix. The Rostock MAX from SeeMeCNC however, prints in what looks like an inverted, triangular pyramid, with the print head at the apex, and the three carriages that move vertically, along the XYZ axes. With the heated-print bed remaining stationary, this provides the capacity for larger prints, as well as creating a printer experience that is visually stunning to the onlooker.

Check out that delta formation!

Needless to say, we are very pleased to have our Rostock MAX printer from SeeMeCNC in our Brilliant Lab shop, waiting prints from our New Brunswick and Nova Scotia students.

If you are interested in having us print an object for one of your students, please ensure that the object is of their own design, or the original design has been significantly altered by the student such that they have learned the essence of 3D Printing. It isn’t really within our ability to simply print something that has been downloaded from We ask that the file be saved in the 3D printing standard format of .stl.

If you would like more information on how your classroom can become involved in 3D printing and design, please feel free to contact us at

Happy Printing!

We are indebted to our friend Tri Ngo who has been instrumental in getting this offering off the ground!

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