After several months of engaging with children and teens across Nova Scotia while working in partnership with CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development) and CBDC (Community Business Development Corporation) summer camps, as well as attending events such as the Cultiv8 at the Dalhousie Agricultural open-house, it’s obvious (and encouraging) to see that there is an entrepreneurial “drive” that comes naturally to many of our young people. Along with traditional educational practices, it’s clear that we need to continue to promote the skills that our youth will need to maintain a positive, confident and enterprising life in our ever-changing world.

Young people are very intuitive and opportunistic. It’s these characteristics that will help them develop the skills needed to become confident in their abilities at an early age, whether it is access to computer coding tutorials, equipment that is geared toward their individual interests, or simply words of encouragement, as parents, mentors, and teachers, it is up to us to provide our youth with the inspiration, motivation, resources, and guidance required for them to become life-long learners who thrive with a confident spirit to overcome all challenges.

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