Join us on MAKER DAY !! The Fredericton Makerspace,The Gaia Project, Brilliant Labs, Science East, Capital City Cycles & The Fredericton Public library are hosting this creative event.

The Fredericton Makerspace is celebrating organizations and people who show the ” Maker Spirit”.

When: Saturday, July 4th from 10:00am to 3:00pm

Where: The Fredericton Makerspace 28 Saunders St(Cultural Center Building).

Fredericton Makerspace – 3-D Printing, Arduino Electronics, screenprinting, passive solar heaters. Check out our new 20′ x 40′ woodworking shop.

The Gaia Project – You’ve likely heard a lot about renewable energy – come experiment in real-time with The Gaia Project’s Mobile Energy Centre! This hands-on, travelling lab is equipped with a solar thermal panel, a solar electric panel, a wind turbine, a hydroelectric demonstration and a bicycle generator.

Brilliant Labs – Get hands on with robotics, circuitry and electronics, vinyl cutting, sewing, embroidery, and coding. You can also try out the oculus rift, help build a 3D printer, and learn to create your own video game using fruit or anything else which conducts electricity.

Science East -Encouraging young people to be creative with their exhibits and camps!

Fredericton Public Library – Interesting things going on here, new seed library and a green screen project.

Capital City Cycles – Fixing bikes, supplying organizations with bikes, it’s all about bikes!!


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