For the next 2 weeks, Brilliant Labs is challenging teachers to come up with interesting ways of integrating Makey Makey within their classrooms and curriculum!

The first 40 teachers from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick who are able to come up with creative ways of using Makey Makeys and tie it to curriculum outcomes will receive a Makey Makey within a week of applying so that they can try out their project idea with their students before the end of the school year!

Here are some ideas to get your imagination flowing:

  • You could build a giant game controller and have your students create a scratch project demonstrating their understanding of your latest math, language arts, or science unit.

  • You could code a scratch program and use a Makey Makey to collect data on a classroom pet’s favourite colour.

  • You could make a cardboard drum kit or piano in music class and use the Makey Makey to create digital sounds.

  • You could create an interactive social studies map or history wall.

  • You could create interactive art.

Please scroll down the page for more ideas before applying or contact us for some help!

As long as you can tie it to your curriculum, your class will receive a Makey Makey!

Sorry, the form is now closed.

For some more ideas on what to do with a Makey Makey, please visit the following TED talk

Here is a guide to help you get started on your giant classroom controller:

Some other Makey Makey resources:

Good Luck and have fun learning!

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