I was inspired by the great projects you can make with the MaKey MaKey – like the Banana Keyboard! So I searched for a cool project that would be larger in scale and even more hands-on! And here’s the fantastic project I found…. EdTechJunkies Floor Piano. So, using this great floor piano as an inspiration – I changed it up a little bit and substituted a yoga mat — so then I could roll up the mat and take to schools throughout NS.

The complete tutorial is explained here: How to make your Edtechjunkies Piano

So, I won’t recreate the wheel and post the entire tutorial — but I have included photos from my project to show you that you can take any tutorial and change it slightly to get your ideal product. In this case — I just love taking my Giant Video Game Controller with me — and I’ve even created many new games so that it is used as a Giant Drawing Mat, a Giant Maze Controller and more! Get started and make your own today — and be sure to send us pictures @brilliant_labs

I used some old wire I had laying around (and just split the cable to take out the white and black wires). The purpose of the wire is to give you added reach…plus the wire is much sturdier than alligator clips.

It’s always a good idea to test your project BEFORE you start to assemble. I hooked the alligator clips to the wire to test the project — it worked perfectly! So, then I started to tape and prepare the mat.

It took a bit of time to set the aluminum tape, then the duct tape, then the final layer of aluminum tape. Again — test as you go along. I made sure each time that the wires were working…before I moved on to the next layer.

As an added touch, I place the tape in the shape of triangles to more closely resemble a game controller. While only a cosmetic change — it makes it easier to remember which wire is connected to which button on the Makey Makey! I used a paper template to be ceertain all the buttons were the same size and fit on the mat.

And tah-dah! After a bit of work I have a fantastic Giant Yoga Mat Video Game Controller!! I encourage you to check out the tutorial by EdTechJunkies. It’s clear, easy to follow and lots of fun! But, be sure to add your own imagination and create a project you’ll be proud to share!

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