Coding & Communications


For this month’s Innovation Challenge we are teaming up with Rogers to challenge students to communicate using Code and the Micro:bit. 

Using the Micro:bit

This versatile micro controller allows us to simulate the process involved in sending and receiving messages wirelessly, like when we text with our friend on our cellphones.

If you are interested in taking on this challenge but don’t have Micro:bits at your school, fill out the form below to receive a Rogers Micro:bit Challenge package complete with a lesson plan and everything you will need to tackle this challenge. 

STEP 1:  Watch the Video and Get Equipped 

Fill out the form below to sign up and participate. Once you have completed the form, arrangements will be made to deliver a Rogers Micro:bit Challenge package to you.

STEP 2Work through the Challenges

The accompanying lesson plan is set up with tasks that progressively increase in complexity. Start with challenge 1 and work your way up to challenge 5 to build and code your way to a working two-way communication device.


STEP 3: Try your skills at the advanced Challenge

Once you complete challenges 1 to 5 you can try your skills at the final “Advanced Challenge”. In this final challenge you are tasked with using a third Micro:bit to help you relay your communication signal around corners and from one room to another.


STEP 4: Share your Results

Create and Innovate!  Take this further and show us what you've made.  We would love to hear from you and how you are progressing through this challenge. Share your student work with us on Twitter using @brilliant_labs and be sure to add the #RogersChallenge hash tag. Alternatively, you can share any pictures or videos in Dropbox by clicking on the following link…

Rogers Radio: learn more about the wireless radio function of the microbits.

Conditionals Micro:bit Use this video to help you create conditionals for your MakeCode program for use with your Micro:Bit.