Brilliant Labs is a not-for-profit, hands-on technology and experiential learning platform based in Atlantic Canada.  We support the integration of creativity, innovation, coding, and an entrepreneurial spirit within classrooms and educational curricula.


To provide every child in Atlantic Canada with the opportunity to have access to new technologies and programming to create, innovate and inspire a future that offers sustainable growth in community and social/environmental entrepreneurialism. 


We're here to help educators, youth and communities innovate and inspire a spirit of entreprenurialism. 


Tel: 506-442-9059

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Carron McCabe is the Program Director for Brilliant Labs located in Charlottetown, PEI. She has recently completed an MEd from the University of Prince Edward Island specializing in leadership and learning with a focus on 21st century learning. Carron is passionate about empowering others through education and career development. “There is nothing like seeing someone’s eyes light up when they do something new for that very first time!”


Before working in education, Carron was a career counsellor. “Helping people figure out their goals, their interests, and how they fit into the world is connected to my work with Brilliant Labs. Maker Education and the making process incorporates the goal setting process. We use our resilience, self-reflection, and planning skills during any given project.” Carron enjoys helping educators and students come up with new project ideas and troubleshooting issues. “I find my counselling skills come in handy with students and teachers. I love coaching them through a project and seeing their self esteem grow as they build their skills!”


When Carron isn’t working she is usually getting crafty with her cat, 2 children, and husband. One of her favourite things to make is adult sized hula hoops! “I didn’t realize it until I started working with Brilliant Labs, but I am a maker! I have always made things and challenged myself to try new activities. I just listened to my inner voice that said, ‘yeah, I can do that’. I love to help others to find their inner voice that says they can make or learn something new.”

Tel: (902) 218-2140

Carron McCabe, 
Program Director, PEI

November 14-15

 Carron will be at the PEI TF to provide information about Brilliant Labs and how she can help your class or professional learning through a hands-on learning.  Let's work together and dig into project based learning, learn about robotics, coding and how maker centred learning is meeting curricular goals and preparing students with key problem solving skills.

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