Learning Is Natural. Let’s Take It Outside!

This Is A Natural Makerspace

Students who learn in Natural Makerspaces have no walls and  often no predetermined classroom area (although some schools do have outdoor classrooms). The time spent in nature is bringing an emotional connection to the land that is essential to develop a deep appreciation and the empathy needed to inspire ecological and social actions. Authentic Natural Makerspaces not only gives the opportunity to learn in nature but also from nature.


The Natural Maker pedagogy draws its roots from a fusion between the pedagogical philosophy of maker centered learning valued by Brilliant Labs since its beginnings and the place-based pedagogy. The Natural Maker pedagogy invites the learner to manipulate, create and build with the elements at his disposal in a nearby natural environment. This pedagogical approach based on the learner in their natural environment allows for the acquisition of an understanding of fundamental learning concepts and the development of essential skills.

Learning In Nature

Learning in nature is inspired by the Forest and Nature School (FNS) movement, a pedagogical approach that has existed since the late 1950s. Nature Schools are multiplying worldwide and are very popular in several European countries such as Finland, Norway and Denmark, which are known for their academic rigour. Guided by the ancestral methods bequeathed by our Aboriginal, Métis and Inuit ancestors and environmental science, this pedagogy is based on respect for the Earth and living beings.

Teachers, students and families can find tools, materials and resources in their own backyard.  Nature provides most of everything you will need for your Natural Maker project. 

Natural Making Resources


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Nature Steward
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Natural Maker Training
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This year we are watching for Maker Faire projects all year long. So, let’s connect and talk about how your students can be showcased at this all-day event June 9, 2022!

Let’s get talking about sustainability

The Brilliant Labs’ Speakers Series got my students asking tough questions about the future, but also engaged them to think about what they can do to make a difference.  They’re still talking about mycelium!

M. Thomas, Grade 11-12 Physics Teacher

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