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Monthly Coding

Thank you for joining our monthly code challenges. 

Please note that any of these coding challenges can be done by any age or grade level.  These are only age grouping recommendations


June Coding P-2

Go outside and create your own code-able game with chalk.

June Coding 3-5

Use Scratch to code a digital greeting card and let someone know you appreciate them.

June Coding 6-8

Create The Perfect Space, with CoSpaces, EDU

June Coding 9-12

Create a Decision Making Flowchart Using


May Coding P-2

Use Scratch Jr to show how one season changes to the next.

May Coding 3-5

Use CoSpaces EDU to create and code a scene from a book you’re reading.

May Coding 6-8

Explore the properties of physics in CoSpaces EDU by making a chain reaction machine.

May Coding 9-12

Explore machine learning with Google’ Teachable Machine


April Coding P-2

Coded treasure hunt!
What if we could code our family and friends to go where we want them to go? We don’t need a computer to do that! In this unplugged activity you will create your own coded sequence and ‘program’ a friend to read and follow that code.

April Coding 3-5

Use Scratch to animate and bring your hand-drawn art to life!

April Coding 6-8

Use what you’ve learned about the MicroBit to create a device that will help other build healthy habits.

April Coding 9-12

Learn how to use the video sensing option in scratch to make an interactive game.


March Coding P-2

Learn about sorting, patterns, and secret codes with LEGO!

March Coding 3-5

Make your own carnival or arcade game using Scratch and Makey Makey.

March Coding 6-8

Code your own music using loops in Chrome Music Lab

March Coding 9-12

Python Games 101 Make a word jumble game using Python.


February Coding P-2

In this unplugged coding challenge, you’ll learn all about making secure passwords, and create a puzzle to play with a friend to decode the password using directional coding.

February Coding 3-5

Choose Your Own Adventure with Google Slides. Learn how to plan and write a choose your own adventure style story to share with your friends.

February Coding 6-8

Choose Your Own Adventure with Scratch. By Designing scenes, spirites, and animations, you can code an animated choose your own adventure in Scratch.

February Coding 9-12

Code a Quiz with Google Forms. Use the information you learned in class to create a quiz to help you and your friends prepare for an upcoming assessment.

Make Your Own Adventure Story Planner

Download this activity to help students plan their story.


January Coding P-2

Funky Functions. Explore and create functions with this tech-free coding activity.

January Coding 3-5

Use Make Code Arcade to create a video game linked to a topic you’ve learned about recently.

January Coding 6-8

AI and Our Oceans. Use the App Lab to create a phone application linked to ocean sustainability.

January Coding 9-12

Google App Scripts. Kick-off 2021 by getting organized! Use Google Scripts to code a personalized goals and activities planners.


December Coding P-2

Code a logic game on paper to play with your friends!

December Coding 3-5

Create symmetry with snowflake designs in TinkerCAD.

December Coding 6-8

Explore the radio function on the Micro:Bit to create a scrolling message.

December Coding 9-12

Use TinkerCAD to design a tool that could make winter easier for yourself or someone in your community.


November Coding P-2

For this month’s coding challenge create and play a No-Tech Coding Game: Using index cards and computational thinking, create an IF/THEN game to play with your friends and family!

November Coding 3-5

For our upper elementary school challenge this month we ask you to watch the video and discover how to share your learning with an interative Poster: Share what you know about a topic by creating an interactive poster with Scratch and a MakeyMakey or Micro:Bit.

November Coding 6-8

This month’s middle school coding challenge asks you to build your own Fitness Tracker: Use a Micro:Bit and personalized code to design and create a fitness tracker.

November Coding 9-12

Our high school challenge this month is to code a game in Javascript: Use machine learning to code an app using text-based coding.


October Coding P-2

October is Fire Prevention Month. For this month’s coding challenge we ask you to use chart paper or your classroom floor to design a home layout including locations for exits and smoke detectors. Once you’ve identified where the safe exits and smoke detectors are located students can then code Dash or Bee-Bot to visit each smoke detector to change the batteries.

October Coding 3-5

For our upper elementary school challenge this month we ask you to watch the video and learn about changing backgrounds and costumes in your scratch project. Use these skills to then share some information about UN Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health and Wellbeing, using Scratch including costume and background changes.

October Coding 6-8

This month’s middle school coding challenge asks you to use your mbot or Codey Rocky’s ultrasonic sensor to help it maneuver through a maze with obstacles.

October Coding 9-12

Our high school challenge this month involves learning how to develop a single web page using or your favourite notepad app to code and then rendering the web page with your favourite browser! We ask that you use this knowledge to develop an HTML website that helps raise awareness about your favourite United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 🙂

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