Coding Challenges For Everyone.

What Is The Monthly Coding Challenge?

Welcome to Brilliant Labs Monthly Coding Challenges.  These are easy to follow challenges for all learners (P-12).   We have grouped the challenges, but they can be done by any age or grade level… and at any time! 

Why Is Coding Important?

Coding, or computer programming, is a skill that can be learned by anyone and offers youth confidence in many overarching acidemic diciplines.  It helps students comprehend a structured set of instructions and gives them the tools needed solve problems in logical ways, while learning how to be patient.  Let’s face it, coding can be frustrating and mistakes happen, but when students learn to logically problem solve they feel a sense of great accomplishment by finding, fixing and successfully running their programs.  Creating with code also builds a student’s creativity in art and storytelling.   There are so many learning outcomes when coding is welcomed in the classroom and Brilliant Labs can help you make those connections!


Who Can Particpate In These Coding Challenges?

All grades and learning levels arae welcome to join these monthly coding challenges. There isn’t any registration for these challenges, but if you’d like a little more help we can connect you to a Brilliant Labs specialist.  Let’s connect! Email Jeff Hennigar or Sarah Ryan

Coding can fun, confidence building and sometimes intimidating. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Connect with us!

Monthly Challengs

P-2 Fire Prevention: design a home layout
3-5 Scratch: backgrounds & costumes | UN SDGs
6-8 mbot or Codey Rocky: maze & obstacles.
9-12 Website Dev: or notepad app
Hackoween Innovation Challenge Video
Hackoween Makey Makey
P-2 Create & play a No-Tech Coding Game
3-5 Interactive poster
6-8 Fitness tracker
9-12 Machine learning
P-2 Code logic game
3-5 Symmetry with TinkerCad
6-8 Radio function
9-12 TinkerCad Design

P-2 Tech free coding

3-5 Make code arcade

6-8 A.I & Oceans:

9-12 Code goals: Google app script


P-2 Make secure passwords & directonal coding

3-5 Story creation: google slides

6-8 Scratch: design & animation

9-12 Google forms: Create a study aid

Download: Story planner activity


P-2 LEGO: Patterns, sorting & secret codes

3-5 Scratch: Make a carnival or arcade game

6-8 Chrome Music Lab: create with loops

9-12 Python: Word jumble game


This year we are watching for Maker Faire projects all year long. So, let’s connect and talk about how your students can be showcased at this all-day event June 9, 2022!

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