Welcome to our Minecraft Server sign-up page!

Please sign up using the form below to receive an email with the in-game server IP.

*** The server will be available from 10am - 5pm Monday - Friday ***

There are 6 zones available to build including a Sustainable Development Goal zone, Community of the Future Zone, Dream House Zone, School of the Future Zone, and 2 Fun Zones.

We ask that all players be respectful and mindful of others.  Destroying other people's work or using foul language will result in being banned from the server. 

Server is only available for Minecraft PE edition which means iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft. 

Have Fun!!!

First time playing multiplayer and not sure where to start?

Please follow these steps!

Step 1.  Start your Minecraft (Bedrock edition for iOS, Android, or Windows 10 PC)

Step 2.  Click on Play button

Step 3.  Click on "Servers" Tab in top right

Step 4. Click on "Add Server"

Step 5. Fill in the server information and Save it

Step 6. After playing the first time and looking to return to the server later scroll down to "More servers" at the bottom of the servers page and click on the server!

Step 7. Connect to the world and enjoy!  

Step 8. Check out the world and make, build, and collaborate with others!  It's a big place so don't forget your compass :)

T. 506-442-9059

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