Brilliant Labs empower schools and organizations to engage and inspire their young people to participate in the burgeoning global maker movement.  We encourage educators and youth to creatively explore the intersection of traditionally separate areas of specialization:  the arts, computer programming, electronics, engineering, design, fashion, metal/wood-working, robotics, rapid prototyping, and multimedia.  The goal is to make learning interesting, fun and relevant for young people by using tools, materials and technologies in new and different ways to solve everyday challenges and reinforce curricular outcomes.


These makerspaces are outfitted with equipment and materials such as:  arts and crafts supplies, audio/visual technologies, drones, electronics, prototyping/fabrication equipment and robotics.  Spaces are made available for use by every teacher, student and class and are used for STEAM-focused initiatives to stimulate ideas and projects that cross-pollinate among subjects.  Furthermore, these spaces come in all shapes and sizes and are heavily customized to answer the needs of the community, students, and educators involved and fit all budgets.


While individual schools and organizations determine the specific type of equipment placed in each Brilliant Lab, the space comes fully equipped with its own storage, a set of tools, safety/cleaning equipment, and materials and supplies to make things safe and useful for long-term sustainability and success.  


Brilliant Labs provides support, consultations, assistance, and on site visits for: equipment selection; space selection and design; procurement; set-up and training; and ongoing guidance and support.  Our trained educators also work directly with teachers, organisation staff, and students to assure long-term sustainability and success.

Resource structure

 Schools and organizations are expected to provide suitable in-kind resources (i.e., teacher, staff, administration time and useable resources) and to make every effort to leverage their traditional funding sources or fundraise to secure additional financial resources to complement our funding.  Ongoing sustainability and self-sufficiency of a Brilliant Lab makerspace is a fundamental point of deliberation when considering a site.

get started

Please contact us to schedule a visit, to organize a visit to an existing makerspace, or to apply for funding.