Maker Education is an instructional philosophy that incites change in how students interact with technology.  Students become creators rather than consumers.  Through the creation of physical artifacts, students engage in authentic learning experiences that activate previous STEAM knowledge and inspires new learning in their journeys to become innovators and creators, not consumers.


Brilliant Labs' makerspaces are managed by our staff and provide support and assistance for: equipment selection; space selection and design; procurement; set-up and training; ongoing guidance and professional development. 


These spaces are best described as a creative, technology enhanced learning commons and workshop. These spaces offer a rich STEAM learning environment for students, youth, teachers, program staff and mentors to create using the latest technological resources. 


The emphasis is on learning through doing in a collaborative, hands-on, peer-led, social environment.  Our community focused makerspaces bring young people with common interests together to access educators (or knowledge experts) and tools such as computers, digital/electronic art, fabrication, machining, science, technology and textiles to name a few. Equally important is the need to collaborate. Brilliant labs ensures these spaces are welcoming and inspire teamwork, socialization, creativity and collaboration. 


Shouldn't every 9 year old get a chance to invent a shoe for the visually impaired while learning about centimeters in a Brilliant Labs makerspace? We think so!


Project, or Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a great way to engage students in authentic and collaborative activities.  

Projects can be cross-curricular with emphasis placed on STEAM strands as a way to stimulate ideas and get kids excited about taking ownership over their learning.  


The goal is to make learning interesting, fun and relevant for young people by using tools, materials and technologies in new and different ways to solve everyday challenges.

Why break out old dusty textbooks when you can build and code robots or construct and launch rockets to learn about angles in geometry?


Brilliant Labs helps provide and maintain “Maker Carts” which are mobile micro makerspaces used to help accelerate Maker-Education adoption in several rural communities in Atlantic Canada. 


When loaned to schools or organizations, these Maker Carts are supported with professional learning that helps generate 

excitement, engagement and interest.

Click below for more information, resources, and videos about Maker Carts and if you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to post your questions in our forum or send us an email! 


Code is everywhere and is used to build the tools and products we use everyday (cars, dishwashers, even your coffee machine).  We believe that by exposing students to technological skills, like coding, we can  encourage logical thinking and creative problem solving.

We believe that every student should be exposed to coding in cross-curricular ways from k-12. 


Challenging students with multifaceted opportunities to experiment, create, and analyze can be done through 

integrating code in everything from art & crafts to robot & rockets. Knowledge gained through these means helps to prepare students for the 21st century.


Why not have your students join the kindergarten students automating Lego villages with robotics,  the grade 4 students coding interactive games to demonstrate their understanding of the latest language arts unit, the grade 8 student generating their own video games?