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In this issue of our Brilliant Labs Magazine: Make Something Brilliant. We will explore the empowerment that being a ‘maker’ brings. The traditional definition of a maker is someone who produces or makes something. The ‘something’ is what is truly unique between each maker, and makerspace that we support in Atlantic Canada. All makerspaces reflect a culture of making that is embedded not only within a school, but throughout a community.

FALL 2018

In this issue of Brilliant Labs Magazine: The Innovation Within, we take a retrospective look at the past few months to consider how our summer tech camps, special events, and professional development has helped to inspire youth, educators, and communities. We'll explore how asking people to imagine themselves as future makers may not only inspire them to reach personal goals, but how it can help inspire their communities and others to become more innovative. 


In this issue of our Brilliant Labs Magazine: The Entrepreneurial Spirit we will explore what it means to be an entrepreneur through the stories of youth, educators and established entrepreneurs alike. In today’s dynamic economy an innovative and creative entrepreneurial spirit is needed more than ever!



Vol.3 Issue 1

In this issue of Brilliant Labs Magazine: Community Decoded, we explore the value of being a part of a community. Where community may be defined as a group of individuals who are situated in close geographic proximity to one another, we would like to suggest that a community of Makers and Learners can transcend geography and when like minded people find common interests and a passion for making, their creativity and support networks can be limitless. All of us seek a sense of belonging and feeling supported can be inspiring, insightful and most of all offer a platform where we can share common goals and interests. We have witnessed this time and time again as we connect and share the value of maker centred education with groups across our region, within Canada, and throughout the world.


In this issue of the Brilliant Labs Magazine: The Magic of Coding, we explore the digital world around us and reveal the benefits of exposing youth to Computer Science, Engineering & Information Communication Technology (ICT) starting with our early learners. We consider how computer scientists, engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs are creating almost anything they want with chains of bits made up of ones and zeroes.

Vol.3 Issue 2

In this issue Brilliant Labs Magazine: Programming & Social Connection, we welcome Jeff Hennigar to our team. Jeff was seconded from the Halifax Regional Centre for Education in  Nova Scotia.  He brings with him a passion for maker-centered learning and the willingness to try new pedagogies. 


We then will explore our life before COVID-19 and celebrate the efforts of teachers and youth throughout Atlantic Canada.  In the not to distant past, our team traveled to Maker Faire: Rome, welcomed teachers from across Newfoundland and Labrador to New Orleans for the ISTE Creative Lab, and celebrated the passion of hundreds of francophone educators as they gathered for Clair 2020, un colloque à l’échelle humaine…  Looking back these physical learning experiences brought with them impactful memories and energized educators to come home with new learning perspectives. These social connections inspired a connectedness that created lasting professional networks that will pay dividends in our new reality.

FALL 2017

The fall edition: Learning To Leap, focuses on the power of STEAM & Maker Education and covers everything from project ideas & support to the inspirational teachers that make it happen. 

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