Welcome To Mission: Mars

An Innovation Challenge


In this challenge students worked together to design, engineer, and prototype a Mars rover that can perform a variety of tasks and collect data on a simulated Martian surface.  Rovers will gather data from sensors including temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, iron ore, light intensity, and try to detect sound, water, and seismic activity.  They will be challenged to collect core samples all while controlling it remotely from their classroom in real time to simulate the delays in controlling rovers on another planet.  Each participating class received a Mission: Mars rover kit.

Ready To Compete And Explore Maker Mars?

Are you on track to complete your Mission: Mars Rover by early May? If so, Brilliant Labs welcomes you to visit or mail your rover to 1 of 5 in-person Provincial School Maker Faires or the Atlantic Virtual Mission: Mars Challenge (June 2nd). This is your chance to showcase your work and participate in up to 10 mission challenges. Each challenge, when completed successfully, will earn points and badges. The Mission: Mars student engineers with the most points will win the Mission: Mars Challenge Showcase!

Ready To Compete And Explore Maker Mars?


Join the Mission: Mars Challenge! Compete to earn points and earn badges. Download your complete Mission: Mars Challenge Guide to learn more about what to expect and how the points will be awarded (winners will be announced at the June 9th Atlantic Virtual School Maker Faire).

Mission Resources

We’ve created guides and made them printable for you to share with your class as they work on their Mars Rover! Click any of the cards below to download the mission resources. 

Get How To Videos For Each Mission!

Join the Brilliant Labs Mission: Mars crew as they share more about the Mars Challenge and how you can complete each mission on target.

Additional Resources

Below you will find guides that help you connect your Rover to the Cloud, Attach the b.Board to the Chassis, and how to attach your motors to the Chassis.


Brilliant Labs is here to support you!  If you have questions about this Innovation Challenge, competition or need some tech support email Josh Keys, Innovation Engineer for guidance.



We would love to gather projects from around our 4 Atlantic Provinces to showcase in our virtual Student MakerFaire. This virtual event will be held before the end of the school year.  Here are fun ways that your class can participate :

  1. Make a timelapse video of your build.
  2. Share pictures on social media and tag us in them. Quick links below.
  3. Keep track of your progress and share those images with us.
  4. Create a photo album.

We are here to help teachers, youth, and communities innovate and develop a sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurial spirit.