Design Your Own
Brilliant Holiday!

What Is The Brilliant Holiday Challenge?

Brilliant Holiday is one of our five Innovation Challenges. It challenges students to stop fast fashion consumption and do our part in sustainable fashion. There are lots of ways to participate in this challenge. Explore different ideas, craft supplies, and technology to represent your own take on the holiday season. Handmade gifts, clothing, and decorations add that extra special touch to a season that is already filled with fun festivities.

The Hack!

Students can hack and animate holiday decorations or clothing.  Their task will be to take a holiday prop, clothing, or decoration and make it their own, by following some simple hacking and animation guidelines. 

Brilliant Holiday Challenge Is Open!

This challenge runs November 1  – December 22, 2021 and register is open!   Students will be able to exhibit their creation and some will be chosen for the Atlantic Wide School MakerFaire June 9, 2022. 

 Register for the Brilliant Holiday Innovation Challenge to share your ideas and request materials if needed.  

Join Us LIVE For The Brilliant Holiday Showcase: Dec 17, 1pm (AST)

Challenge Resources


Upcycle: Fashion

Light-Up Name Tag

Make: A Quinzhee

Light Up Wearable

Scrolling Micro:bit

Holiday Extravaganza

Cards: Paper Circuits



Winter Tinkercad

The Red Dress

Light Up Toque

Hack A Hoodie


This year we are watching for Maker Faire school projects all year long. So, let’s connect and talk about how your students can be showcased at this all-day event June 9, 2022!

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